‘Heart Into Me’ Liner Notes

Here’s a story of love on the road. There’s something unique about the lyrics. Something I’m particularly proud of. Can you figure it out? I did leave you a clue after all…

And here’s a recording in front of an old GMC truck grille.


An allegory of living. Travel together across the miles and watch the love unfold.

trade hopes and curiosity 
in truth and reciprocity
where loss would be atrocity
you’ve got the right velocity

love is luminosity
uncommon virtuosity
unending generosity
you yearn with your ferocity

you’ll get what you got coming
if you’ll only stop your running

Aside from all that, this song is really hard to define. There’s so much openness and adventure, much like love itself. Ride it out and see where love takes you!

Here’s a link to that video performance again.

‘Heart Into Me’ Liner Notes

‘Blouse’ Liner Notes

Here’s a song with the code of the trail running through its country western vibe. Continue reading below the lyrics for a few words about the meaning.

Recordings available:


The same story told in three movements: we have great respect for women around these parts. And if you wanna ride with our posse, you’ll step up and do the same.

Up before sunrise…
Establishing the setting; horse ride to Abilene indicates the old American frontier.

She gonna take care of my business
His life partner stays behind and attends to family affairs; he couldn’t be so free to ride the range if she wasn’t there to run the ranch, and her leadership is equal to his own. She, too, has places to go, and when she does, he stays behind if they aren’t riding off together.

When you come in my house
Respect the one in the blouse

Ain’t no room for your sexism here. This woman is a pioneer on the western front, and she is worthy of your respect. We won’t tolerate no lookin’ down on her around these parts.

Don’t rise when she enters
She isn’t interested in your displays of chivalry. What you might consider to be a polite demonstration of respect, she would take as a suggestion she is the “weaker sex.” She don’t want none o’ that.

In vain compliment her
Again, you’re not so big that you need to prop up her feminine ego.

For better, for worse…
Indicates a strong marriage, with mighty vows to unite them.

We don’t know any better way to be
We don’t wanna know any better way to be
Yeah, yeah, yeah; we know all about your genteel customs. Well, you can shove ’em, because we like the way we fit just fine. And if you feel some compulsion to get her on the ladylike path, it’s probably because you’re uncomfortable with equality. Maybe you like it better when she seems subordinate, but she ain’t.

Come in from the trail
Our singer is a host to fellow riders on the range. You’re welcome to warm your boots, eat some grub, and sleep in our shelter from the weather.

But if you treat her like a less-than
And lessen her soul

We don’t cotton to your inflated sense of importance.

I reckon you’re about two steps from hell
Hell isn’t a destination here, it’s a thematic view of a person’s unwillingness to permit another to the full experience of life and liberty. This isn’t a godly way to behave, and it sure don’t belong around here. Again, if you don’t wanna treat my woman like she’s as good and important as me and you, then you can beat it.

Why is this song important?

This song affirms the equality of men and women, but also points to a broader view of equality among all humanity. There’s a lot of derision for people unlike us in this world, and it disrupts the human experience for every one of us.

We say “all men are created equal” and we understand that women and children share in the designation “men.” While some are rich and some are poor, some are healthy and some are sick, some are joyful and some are miserable, all persons deserve to be treated with respect. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • When you go out to dinner, don’t leave a big mess for the busser. Pick your children’s crayons and food scraps off the floor. Maybe even stack some of your plates and return the condiments to the caddy.
  • When you’re on the road, don’t take advantage of merging lanes to cut off dozens of other drivers. Never use your vehicle as a weapon or a way to assert your superiority.
  • In the workplace, don’t oppress or minimize those who report to you. Serve your coworkers and subordinates by affirming them with your words and showing grace in the direction and accountability you offer.
  • In the home, he should be helping with the kids, the laundry, dinner, and the dishes. Your job is more than taking out the trash, mister. Other chores need doing, and she shouldn’t have to carry that weight alone.
  • In our social structures, don’t ridicule, mock, or minimize those who are different than you. Diverse languages and cultures, when expressed in an otherwise homogeneous environment, bring enlightenment and new perspectives. And even if someone of another background is violating your own community’s standards of behavior and speech, their inclusion creates an opportunity for them to learn from you.

Pardon my scolding. I can’t make you do any of this, and I’m not creating a to do list. I’m only uplifting the kind of values we saw in the words and deeds of Jesus of Nazareth, whose ministry is revered around the world, including in non-Christian religions. Let’s create a world of greater love and justice for all. Equality is where it’s at.

She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.

when you come in my house
respect the one in the blouse

‘Blouse’ Liner Notes

‘Casa Get Down’ Liner Notes

A view of heaven – the great palace of eternal music – with a modern frame of reference. Continue reading below the graphic for more about specific lyrics and phrases.


This song came together on its own during a time of soul-searching and longing for the hope of a bright tomorrow. But then I saw tomorrow’s night club with the holiest of holies spinning records for his fans.

Big house right outside of town
Reminiscent of Audio Adrenaline’s Big House, another song with a modern (for 1993) view of heaven Also a reference to just how close the realm of eternity is to ours.

Casa Get Down
A pretty cool name for a house of endless dancing, if I do say so myself.

The cover free
To enter costs nothing. Or everything. Or both.

I’ll put you on the way
I know where the ladder is. I can show how to enter.

Shake your troubles
Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

Feel the beat so subtle
There’s always been an undercurrent of stillness and quiet in the voice of God.

Many mountains to move
The often told measure of faith, so freely expressed in Casa Get Down.

Like you’ve never aged
We’ll be healthy and whole, wanting for nothing.

Eyes are drawn to the open stage
Only the throne is lit

Daniel, who saw it, said God’s throne was ablaze with flames. In this viewing, the spotlight is on the turntable and the music is perfect.

King over a house of sin
Mission: To seek and to save the lost.
Purpose: A free gift given to those who’d never make it on their own.
Vision: Bright, majestic, a place to approach with boldness.
Values: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Everybody takes a bow
[A] Every knee shall bow

Every voice shouting out in every tongue
[B] Every tongue confess

The host starts shaking like a tower of power
Not just any host. The biggest baddest, raddest host of all. The lord of hosts.

Spin ‘Espírito Santo’
To spin a record is to play it. DJ lingo, for those not in the know. Espírito Santo is the chart-topping hit that never gets old.


‘Casa Get Down’ Liner Notes

‘Inch by Inch’ Liner Notes

Here’s a song about lost love and longing for living, written almost entirely in the driver’s seat. Continue reading below the lyrics for a little more about it.


I like to sing while I drive (don’t we all?), and quite a few of my songs came from my own private behind-the-wheel concerts, way back in my P.I. days. This one got started by singing an intentionally mispronounced Sepulveda, a street name exit on several LA freeways.

hauling freight
by night
a heavy weight
to right

Now that’s a lot of -ights!

Separated by miles and misunderstandings
Setting up the theme for faded love.

Separated by smiles
The most troubling line in the whole song. How can something that connects people be used to push them apart? And yet it happens all the time.

Anything to give you the edge
Even in intimate relationships, it’s no surprise to see acts of competition take place.

Making up is for fools
I saw a soul controlled by pride

Soon as you get out
I saw the one who committed treason rushing out to hurt again.

Watching the flowers grow
When nature is your sacred pathway.

In your heart for years
This phrase was scribbled in my notebook to help me remember how old this song is, and inadvertently became the foundation for the second verse when nothing else came to mind.

There on the open road
You seek your independence to flee the safe, beautiful world you know.

Within your heart
Try as you might, you can’t fool me. I see your longing for companionship.

‘Inch by Inch’ Liner Notes

‘When I Went to Heaven’ Liner Notes

Looking for the lost along the road, then kicked to the curb himself.

Continue reading (below the lyrics) for a little more on the story.


This is one of the oldest songs in my catalog. Although the music and lyrics seem very simple, there’s a bit more to it than meets the ear.

Video available online: 11/2/16 home studio demo

When I went to heaven
I gained entry to the holy city. I found the house of God.

I did not fit in
I looked the part, knew the sacred texts, and pushed the right blood through my veins. Yet my own people want nothing to do with me.

So I went to Oakland
I am happy by the well, in the villages, teaching on the hillside. I walk with the people.

Saw my favorites in
Sounds like “saw my favorite sin.” Both phrasings meet the same end: adopting the worst of the orphans and bringing them into refuge.

I think you need to go and chase them
Move along now, they said. Go play your little games out there in the mud.

They threw me out the door
Yes, I’ve been rejected.

They said I’d be broken
Yes, I’ve been reviled.

I came back for more
But I’ll be resurrected.

I know the sun chase rays
From the eastward to the west

Not half as hard as I could chase you
“If I go up to heaven, you are there; if I go down to the grave, you are there.”

You know I understand
“The student is not above the teacher.”

And when they push you
“When they persecute you in one town, flee to the next.”

I’ll comfort you
“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

In my hand
Here’s another song: I’m in his hands

‘When I Went to Heaven’ Liner Notes

‘Oh Whenever’ Liner Notes

A loudly sung bedtime lullaby. You can continue reading a few notes about specific lines (below the lyrics)


 This song was written almost entirely under the cover of darkness. It started as a super loud parody of a bedtime song, but it took shape very quickly and never had a chance to get any quieter. It is by far the most requested song in my household’s bedtime playlist.

Video available online: Oh Whenever – 1/4/17

Got to go to sleep and dream
Let’s teach our little ones the value of a good rest. Let’s bless them with sweet dreams and a sense of security in the world around them.

My old best friend Sam
I really did have a childhood “best friend” named Sam once. He wasn’t kind to me, and belittled me. When I think about him I remember how hard it can be to be a kid. What can I do to make it better for others?

Take a look inside, check the attitudes I hide
A nod to introspection. Let’s be honest with ourselves and honest with others.

You see me for all I am
I see you for what you can be

It’s a job of the guardian to encourage potential in those under our care. They can’t do that for us. They can only see us for the truth of who we are in our word and deed. But we can see and believe in the hope of their future, and we can help them get there.

Whenever paper touches pen
We’re writing stories in their hearts with every interaction. I also really like the wording and melody here.

With these eyes of mine, the life there begins
A reminder that they are watched over with loving, life-giving eyes.

I see opportunity to believe
We model faith to others. Let us never forget that high and sacred calling.

Make it in, say it for you, shout it out
We take every opportunity to help write the brightest future into the stories of their lives. This is pure love.

You are not alone
Answering the deepest fear of many a childhood. A promise. A blessing.

Unwritten lyrics
At the end of the 2nd stanza, the line:

Be. Oh, come on, be you.

At the end of the song, a brief instrumental, followed by:

At night I’ve got to go now
Got to go to sleep
And when I dream, I dream of you

‘Oh Whenever’ Liner Notes