‘Oh Whenever’ Liner Notes

A loudly sung bedtime lullaby. You can continue reading a few notes about specific lines (below the lyrics)


 This song was written almost entirely under the cover of darkness. It started as a super loud parody of a bedtime song, but it took shape very quickly and never had a chance to get any quieter. It is by far the most requested song in my household’s bedtime playlist.

Video available online: Oh Whenever – 1/4/17

Got to go to sleep and dream
Let’s teach our little ones the value of a good rest. Let’s bless them with sweet dreams and a sense of security in the world around them.

My old best friend Sam
I really did have a childhood “best friend” named Sam once. He wasn’t kind to me, and belittled me. When I think about him I remember how hard it can be to be a kid. What can I do to make it better for others?

Take a look inside, check the attitudes I hide
A nod to introspection. Let’s be honest with ourselves and honest with others.

You see me for all I am
I see you for what you can be

It’s a job of the guardian to encourage potential in those under our care. They can’t do that for us. They can only see us for the truth of who we are in our word and deed. But we can see and believe in the hope of their future, and we can help them get there.

Whenever paper touches pen
We’re writing stories in their hearts with every interaction. I also really like the wording and melody here.

With these eyes of mine, the life there begins
A reminder that they are watched over with loving, life-giving eyes.

I see opportunity to believe
We model faith to others. Let us never forget that high and sacred calling.

Make it in, say it for you, shout it out
We take every opportunity to help write the brightest future into the stories of their lives. This is pure love.

You are not alone
Answering the deepest fear of many a childhood. A promise. A blessing.

Unwritten lyrics
At the end of the 2nd stanza, the line:

Be. Oh, come on, be you.

At the end of the song, a brief instrumental, followed by:

At night I’ve got to go now
Got to go to sleep
And when I dream, I dream of you

‘Oh Whenever’ Liner Notes

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