‘Inch by Inch’ Liner Notes

Here’s a song about lost love and longing for living, written almost entirely in the driver’s seat. Continue reading below the lyrics for a little more about it.


I like to sing while I drive (don’t we all?), and quite a few of my songs came from my own private behind-the-wheel concerts, way back in my P.I. days. This one got started by singing an intentionally mispronounced Sepulveda, a street name exit on several LA freeways.

hauling freight
by night
a heavy weight
to right

Now that’s a lot of -ights!

Separated by miles and misunderstandings
Setting up the theme for faded love.

Separated by smiles
The most troubling line in the whole song. How can something that connects people be used to push them apart? And yet it happens all the time.

Anything to give you the edge
Even in intimate relationships, it’s no surprise to see acts of competition take place.

Making up is for fools
I saw a soul controlled by pride

Soon as you get out
I saw the one who committed treason rushing out to hurt again.

Watching the flowers grow
When nature is your sacred pathway.

In your heart for years
This phrase was scribbled in my notebook to help me remember how old this song is, and inadvertently became the foundation for the second verse when nothing else came to mind.

There on the open road
You seek your independence to flee the safe, beautiful world you know.

Within your heart
Try as you might, you can’t fool me. I see your longing for companionship.

‘Inch by Inch’ Liner Notes

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