My Favorite Songs, Ranked

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If you know me well enough to know my secrets, you know songwriting is one of the top three activities I most love doing. I’ve got about 40 songs completed with another 50-60 in the pipeline of creativity. Most are from the prolific period of 2004-2011. One dates to 1991, and a few are much newer (2016-2017). Years for each are on the lyric sheets.

I didn’t learn how to play guitar until 2001. I’m forever grateful to my friends Cindy L. and Nathaniel D., both of whom invested their knowledge into my future. Much enjoyment comes from writing songs that can encourage or reframe the perspective of others.

When I record songs for the Like a Road blog, I prefer to keep it simple, with just an iPhone and no editing of the video or audio. I’m more of a live music player than a studio musician, so there you have it. I’m not all that pleased with any “home studio” demo.

Now, if you wish, you can check out my list of favorite recordings. I’ll add new ones to the list as time goes on, and do my best to keep the full track list updated as well. Enjoy!

My Favorite Songs, Ranked

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Songs, Ranked

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d be interested in know the other two in the the top three. I’m thinking being with your family and preaching?
    Thanks for the song list and recordings. And additional thanks to your friends who helped you along too.

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    1. Being in nature settings and being a Salvation Army officer. I don’t consider being with family an activity for the sake of this list. It preempts all others. I’m also fond of three hots and a cot, as well as personal freedom. 😉


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